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Prometheus Delivered - Vortrag

The Interface of Art + Science

Our knowledge-based society is at a crossroads. In an increasingly complex world, it is up to us to find the answers to questions that will decide our future.

This postulates a perception of knowledge that is as multilayered as possible. In a highly visually oriented society, images that can communicate; as opposed to the endless flood of commercial ones in the mass media – have a special mediating role. Who can develop such images and what processes are intrinsic and necessary?

The arts and sciences are all too often two distinct worlds. It is precisely on the interface of these two cultures that the ERES Foundation sees its role in opening closed doors and helping to bring about consilience.

The ERES Foundation is a recognized non-profit organization. It acts independently of any commercial or political interests and sets its own agenda.

Prometheus Delivered - Vortrag


The ERES-Stiftung is a foundation that fosters dialog between science and the fine arts, that seeks perspectives that both fields share and can build upon.

Its events and publications are intended as platforms to encourage the current discourse between the arts and sciences and keep that process lively and stimulating.

The Eres-Stiftung is a forum for ideas and visionary concepts. Helping to make the act of perception and the acquisition of knowledge a more tangible and sensuous experience is one of its primary objectives.


The aim of the ERES Stiftung is to advance the public discourse between the arts and sciences. This is done primarily by:

Holding symposiums open to public, discussions, lectures on the subject of cooperation between the arts and sciences and publications dealing on the subject.

Exhibitions that deal with interaction between science and art.

Supporting other projects, particularly art exhibitions that fit in our schema and helping artists who deal with scientific themes with the publication of their catalogs.

The establishment of an art collection dealing with the relationship between the arts and sciences and its presentation to the public.

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Kunst.Stoff, Kunst und Wissenschaft
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